Donsö Shipping Meet 2015

Donsö Shipping Meet 2015

DSM15 – a little bigger, but still personal

Over two days 1200 people visited the island for Donsö Shipping Meet 2015 edition. The interest to participate this year was bigger than anticipated and we had to extend and expand to fit everyone in. Between booked and spontaneous meetings there was the possibility to attend one of the three seminars that was held, of which two was on fishing and the third on the topic Post SECA 2015. This year also meant the launch of DSM Commercial Meet, an event greatly appreciated by the attendants. We would like to thank all of you who participated in this year's event, and hope to see you next time in 2017.

One of the goals with Donsö Shipping Meet is to be an event that puts Swedish shipping on the map. We hope that DSM will continue to be the meeting point for the entire cluster. Unlike the bigger exhibitions in Europe, DSM wants to offer all participants a more intimate event where good meetings are in focus. During the days at Donsö we hope all of you felt welcomed and taken care off. Our mission is that all participants get the best opportunity to network with both their customers/clients and their colleagues. At the end of this page you can sign up for information regarding next event: DSM17, 5-6 of September 2017.


Here you find all the seminars that was held during DSM15. They are also available at They are free for personal use. To display them in a wider context, please contact Donsö Shipping Meet.

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